CityPal is a guide to tourist and hospitality facilities grouped by location.

Shortly, when visiting a new area in Croatia, CityPal is your go-to place.



Create a web application that will be easy to use, straightforward and appealing to the users.

Create identical iOS and Android mobile applications that need to replicate the same data as web applications.

Implement a system for a partnership where certain content from regions will have bigger importance than others.

Relevant features that the client required were: Tour Guides, Partnership Program, Google Ads


Create a web application and mobile applications for Android and iOS on a budget.

Think of a straightforward way in the administration for the administrators to easily manage more than 10 cities and regions and content for those regions and implement that solution.

Administration had to be appealing, straightforward and easy to use by everyone because CityPal has editors for each region or city.

Create mobile applications that run smoothly and replicate the exact content on the web in order to prevent anything duplicated.


After all of the research and preparation before the development, the solution is always easy and feels natural.

Due to the nature of the project and the need for simple administration, we opted out of WordPress because it was the best fit for the CityPal needs and when you compare this with the development speed which WordPress brings to the table, it was a no-brainer.

For mobile and web applications we have selected Flutter as it allowed us to create applications for two devices fast.

To connect the two systems we wanted a secure and highly scalable API which we could use, for that we used Laravel again, and after research, it proved the best fit for this task due to the simplicity of use.

We all know how images on the Play Store and App Store are important, and because of that, we made sure to generate high-quality images for applications for the App and Play Store, leaving the client worry-free.

So shortly, the project was created as a website in WordPress and a mobile application in Flutter and Laravel was used as a secure API bridge between WordPress and Flutter.


After a couple of months of active working CityPal Web, CityPal Android and CityPal iOS were done and introduced to the client. The result is a highly visited website which is successfully selling off franchises to cities and regions to use their applications.

Due to the partnership program implemented in the applications CityPal can now offer multiple franchise packages.

And what’s even better, due to the implementation of Google Ads, there is a side income every month.

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