Who are we

Morgan Code consists of a small team of developers who absolutely love what they do. We started this long journey with the idea of making other people’s ideas come true. As always it has been more than interesting the ideas people come up with and what’s even more awesome we get to realize all those absolutely brilliant ideas. Every piece of software we ever created is completely adjusted to our clients needs. What are you waiting for? Got an idea? Let us make it happen.



A team of great developers waiting to realize your great ideas.

UX/UI Design & Website/App Design

Simpolifying your user journey through site is key for us. We Allocate a lot of resources to UX because product is as good as its UX.

Custom software

Expect personalized projects specialized by your instructions. Anything you can come up with, we can realize.

IT consulting

Let us deal with finding answers to hard questions while you work smarter not harder. Grow with us.