HrTurizam is a portal specialising in topics related to tourism with a semi-closed content-sharing system, and paywall.

The uniqueness of the website is that all visitors can partially see the content, and through a subscription system, all the portal’s content becomes accessible to subscribers.

HrTurizam subscription is completely automated.

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Create a news portal with a custom design with direct specifications from the client. The client provided us with his requirements and on top of those, we needed to think of a design that would exactly suit those needs.

Portal would need to have a completely automated subscription system with almost no interaction from the client


The design was not as much of a challenge compared to the automated subscription system, due to the nature of the portal, which had to be customized specifically to the HrTurizam.

Along with the subscription system, there are always people who will find a way to share that subscription with others which we certainly didn’t want.

Make QR codes that work with Croatian mobile banking to allow users to transfer money faster.

And a paywall? How to make that non-hackable?


As always, not complicated, after days and days of planning we came up with an ideal solution for the client’s needs. The user would sign up for the subscription, after payment approval, the client will grant access to that account and then that same user will have to connect Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. And you can be certain that they do not share those with anyone.

And the paywall? That was some developer magic, we cannot tell you everything.


HrTurizam has been live for around 2 years at the moment of this writing and is counting more than 2 thousand articles and columns.

Most, if not all articles have a paywall that none of the paywall removers can find a way to remove. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

The client’s only actions are to write good articles and approve paid accounts.

Check it out! Try to remove a paywall.

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